Buy Bitcoin

How do I buy Bitcoins in New Zealand?

  1. If you don't mind paying more than going rate then you can buy Bitcoins in New Zealand from a seller on Local Bitcoins. The best way is to register for a long running and trusted exchange such as
  2. Set up your account and verify your identity with the exchange.
  3. Fund your account on the exchange by sending New Zealand Dollars to the exchange's account.
  4. Once you have money in your account then look at the Order Book on the exchange, the sell orders are sellers who have put in their price to sell.
  5. If you want Bitcoins immediately then set your buy price high enough to take the lowest sell order on the exchange, this is known as a market order.
  6. If you are happy to wait and risk not getting any coins on the potential of getting a better price, then you can set your own buy price below the lowest sell order and it will be added to the order book, until such time as a seller decides to take it.